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Our Favorite Links                

Here are a few of our favorite links.


The Church at Cane Creek - This is where you get the most excellent book on raising well-behaved children, To Train Up A Child.

Fort Wayne Marketing - Our son's integrated business communications marketing agency.


Wisdom's Gate - Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview - Home School Digest.

Christ For the Nations Institute - CFNI in Dallas, Texas, is a great place to get a world view of Christianity and sound instruction in practical theolgy.

Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators - MACHE


Fix My Soil - Garden Edition - This site is dedicated to helping you grow fruits and vegetables with the highest nutritional and health benefits. A good source of information on gardening beyond the level of 'organic gardening'.

Grow Your Own Nutrition - Commercial Farms - This site is dedicated to growing fruits, vegetables and cannabis with the highest nutritional and health benefits while securing the best ROI on your ag investment.

Life Recovery, Inc. -  Marjorie Cole,  author, film maker, speaker, counselor on inner healing. More information on her classic book, Taking the Devil to Court, on breaking generational curses.

International Bio Care Hospital & Medical Center - Integrative individualized programs for cancer patients with new treatment modalities and metabolic medicine, enzyme therapy, whole body hyperthermia, gene therapy. Multiple Sclerosis, Immunological disorders. Hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, universal reactor syndrome, hepatitis C and HIV related problems with the utmost consideration for the patient's immune and defense systems and modern technologies that yield the best results. Contact IBC Hospital at: 1-800-785-0490 or 1-800-701-7345.


Vision Beyond Borders - Our friend, Pat Klien, who brings the Word of God, seeds and training into the darkest parts of the world. An excellent place to support and share in the excitement of spreading the gospel in foreign lands. You too can take a trip with this ministry.

Compassion International - Sponsor a child and change their life forever.

Voice of the Martyrs - A global perspective on the persecution of God's children.


Pond Boss Magazine - Our friends Bob and Debbie Lusk edit this great resource on pond building, fish stocking and management.

Rainy Day Foods - The long time supplier of food storage and dehydrated foods.

Help Bees Thrive> - Nice guide from DIY Gardening on helping bees in your garden


Jeffer's Pet - great source of reasonably priced dog or cat supplies - anything you can think of. Call 1-800-533-3377 to order or request a pet, equine, or livestock catalog.

Jeffer's Livestock - All the rest of farm animals.



Gardens Alive - Organic pesticides and plant products.

Acres USA - A voice for Eco-Agriculture. Magazine, books, conferences, very sound.

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