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The reason is simple. We use everything we sell. We know these items inside and out and we can answer your questions - whether you're just starting out or have been at it a long time. We believe that these are great products that will serve you well.

For more information on any item in the store, please give us a call at 320-286-2865. You can also try the cell phone at 320-296-3047. You'll get the best results if you call between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Central time.


25 Ways To Save Money On Food... And Eat Healthy book.Hi, Sarah!
The Bosch Mixer/Blender and the Nutrimill came today! I'm so excited and can't wait to put them to use. The shipping was tremendously fast, I do thank you so very much.
Also, if you wouldn't mind praying for me as I begin this journey of healthy eating and food preparation. It is all new to me as my story is much like yours. I have to admit, though, that I'm looking forward to a healthier lifestyle, and putting more nutritious foods before my family. Thank you again for everything...I wouldn't have tackled the bread without your inspiring videos! I'll let you know how it turns out!


Bosch Universal Plus mixer.Sarah
I am the lady who bought your used Bosch mixer.  I also ordered the nutrimill.  I am extremely pleased with both.  Although this was a big investment for our one income family, I know we will get many years use out of these products.  I want to thank your for your wonderful customer service and timely shipping.  Also wanted to let you know we baked our first batch of bread last night.  My 4 children enjoyed helping very much.  I did omit the whey powder as my youngest son has milk allergies.  And the bread still turned out wonderfully.  My husband is overseas serving in Iraq right now so it was a nice surprise when my 4 year old son said. "Mommy this bread is sooooo Yummy, that it helps me not miss Daddy so much!"
Thank you for a great Bread Baking experience!
The M. family


Nutrimill grain grinder.Hey Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that I recd both the refund check AND the Nutrimill on Thursday!!  YAY!
I am so excited to learn how to use it----my girlfriend is going to come over and teach me how to make bread.
Thanks so much for all your help!
God bless you, and your business endeavors!
In Christ,
T. B. in TX


Homemade natural soaps.Also, I found your "Sarah's Best Bread Recipe".   I tried it and it 
turned out wonderful!  I could not believe how good it was.
God Bless you and yours,
A. M.


Berkey Light water purifier.Dear Sarah,
Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I am so glad to hear from your personal experience, that you have used as little as 2-3 cups of flour size recipes. I was hoping the bosch would do both large and small batches of whatever I am whipping up that day. I get very excited as I research the bosch.....I even think about it in the middle of the night!!! What will happen when I actually purchase one? I am sure to not get any sleep then...up all night making bread!!! I really enjoyed watching your demo on how the bosch works and watched it closely. Your farm looks like a wonderful haven and I am sure the smells coming from your kitchen are also wonderful.
Thank you again.
God Bless
J. P.


Biblical Health and Nutrition Manual by Sarah Lea.thanks
I am so excited to find your website
I had a lady here in Tulsa years ago who got me started.
Like I said, my machines have been in the attic for nine years.
I watched your video at 3 AM
what a delight
I could smell the bread baking
go figure



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