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About Bob & Sarah                

Bob & Sarah in the big city.Bob has a real job - he is a class act "techie" and knows how to do all the computer stuff. He even teaches other "technocrats" how things work. Bob's idea of a good recreational activity is sitting down with a new book on computers or programming. Sarah is technologically challenged, but has learned enough to navigate email and the web reasonably well. It is not her favorite thing. Sarah likes living things. The plants, the animals-the world that is REAL is her play ground. She enjoys putting seeds in the dirt and watching the little plants emerge. She enjoys helping the sheep give birth to the baby lambs. She loves the land.

From one extreme to another, we cover a lot of territory. We have learned to value the differences between us in ability and interest. We have also learned to be supportive of the other's activities. It makes life interesting.

In Ephesians 4:11, it says that some (Christian leaders) are .... teachers. That describes the both of us perfectly.

We share a common love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We enjoy speaking and teaching on spiritual and on the practical things we have learned to do. Sarah is the Titus 2:3-5 woman who speaks wisdom into the younger generation. She specializes in food, nutrition, health and the eccomonics of the home. Bob teaches on Praise and Worship. We also invite the Lord to participate and His presence means that there is healing, deliverance and restoration as well.

We also speak on gardens, Great Pyrenees dogs, computers and public speaking should you need a speaker for your event or gathering.

We invite you, through the web site, into our world. We hope you enjoy your visit. HE has indeed brought us into the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY.



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