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Nutrition Missing From Your Bread?            

Just minutes after wheat berries are ground into flour, the essential nutrients and oil based enzymes began to decay. Keep them in the foods you serve your family by grinding your own wheat just prior to use. It's one of the most healthful ways you can absorb those enzymes and nutrients. You and your family will find your bread to be more tasty and satisfying as well.

Watch This Short Nutrimill Video

Sarah explains how she use the Nutrimill to make healthy whole wheat flour for bread baking. Sarah answers your questions in less than 3 minutes. NOTE: You have to click the bar at the top of your browser which says, "Allow the ActiveX Component to run?" This is the video player and clicking the bar will start the video.

Click on the player's start button to begin to watch the video or click on the download link below.


Our very Best Price for the Nutrimill , including free shipping in the continental United States: Only $******** 

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The powerful Nuttrimill grain mill ready to grind whole wheat.I highly recommend the Nutrimill Grain Mill.
It combines the best features of all the grain mills to produce everything from super fine pastry flour to a coarser grind needed for wonderful corn breads. There is a 400% range of adjustment from fine to course found in the Nutrimill. This is ten times greater that other mills! And that is only the beginning.


Nutrimill Grain Mill Features

Loading wheat berries in the top hopper of the Nutrimill grain mill.The large collection container holds up to twenty-cups of flour.Simple controls on the Nutrimill make for ease in use.The Nutrimill is easy and fast to use. Put the grain in the hopper, turn it on, and the 12 amp 1-3/4 hp motor does it all. It rapidly produces your choice of fine, or medium, or course flour with a twist of the dial. Note: Some Asian cooking calls for a very coarse ground flour. The Nutrimill will NOT grind your grain coarse enough as called for in these recipes.

Read the Nutrimill manual in PDF format.

The Nutrimill:

My mill sounds like a vacuum cleaner and is much quieter that my "first generation" stone mill or "second generation" impact mill. The wearing of ear protection is optional, whereas for a stone mill or high-speed impact mill, it's required.

The Nutrimill is Trouble free: Due to the new design of the impact chamber, you can put grain into the hopper before you turn it on with no problem of plugging the mill. The Nutrimill will restart with no trouble, even if you stop it while it is milling. This is because the motor on/off switch also controls the grain flow from the hopper. This is a great feature when you have a phone call or have to greet a visitor. Other mills require you to grind untill the hopper is empty or risk damaging the motor. This feature is not found on even well-known brands like Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach.


From whole wheat berries to fine all organic wheat flour in minutes.The Nutrimill will grind: wheat (hard and soft),oats, rice, kamut, triticale, spelt, dried pinto beans, popcorn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, soybeans and dried mung beans. Recently, an update showed the Nutrimill able to grind field corn with small or medium size kernels. It is not suitable for spices, herbs, and oilseeds like flax.


The Nutrimill comes with a Lifetime Manufacture's Warranty which includes the stainless steel milling heads.

Electrical requirements: 110-120V, 12A, 50/60 HZ

Download Sarah's Best Bread Recipe.

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Nutrimill Grain Mill Results

Organic whole wheat bread made from flour ground in the Nutrimill grain mill. I made these beautiful loaves of bread with flour from the Nutrimill grain mill. Buy the mill and the Bosch Mixer and you can do the same with a little practice using my bread recipie. Wheat berries to six-loaves of nutritious whole-wheat bread in 75 minutes.



Our very Best Price, including free shipping in the continental United States: Only  $******  

P.S. I'm convinced that you will enjoy using the Nutrimill to make healthful foods for your family. There's Nutrimill's lifetime guarentee to protect your investment. Order now to begin keeping nutrition in your foods the way God intended them to be.

* Minnesota residents need to pay 6.875% sales tax also.

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