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Lamb Faces              

Lambs, like people, have their own unique facial structure and expressions. They don't really smile, but you can tell when they are happy. They don't really frown, but you can tell when they don't like what is going on. As you get to know your sheep, you can tell which lambs belong to which sheep by the way they look.

Here are some pictures that we took during lambing season. All of these lambs are about 10 days old. Attention Kids! As a fun project, write down what you think the lambs are saying to their Moms or to each other.

Wait! Anybody know where mom went? You know, I think you should go now. I'm getting sleepy. Where's a good place to take a nap.
My Great uncle Wilbur is a mule, why do you ask? I heard that! I'll just slip in here for a little drink of milk.
I'm ready for lunch. You're not going to give me a shot are you? You woke me up for what?
You haven't seen my sister, have you? Hey, you got any apple slices? I am like so cool in my wool suit.
Don't come any closer or we'll hide behind mom. Hi, I'm Buttercup. Did somebody ring the dinner bell?



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