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Puppy Visit

One of the female Pyrenees pups is visiting with me on the back porch. She is eight weeks old today and getting her toenails trimmed. This pup is available to go to her forever home. Call or email for info.

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Pyr Puppy Update – Exciting

It looks like we will be having a litter of Pyr pups born in June and available in August. For info on our waiting list, call or e mail. This is exciting!

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Pyrenees Puppies Going Home

Our Pyr Pups are going to their “forever” homes this week.  If you would like  information, give me a call at (320) 286-2865. I  will return calls if you leave a message. Spring is a Happy, Happy, Happy time. The greenhouse is full of plants and our sheep will be having babies any minute now.

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Update from Milk and Honey Farm

The Pyr pups doing good in Bob’s office. Mocca is a great Mom.  I can almost see the puppies grow. Baby chicks arrive nest week. They will be in a box in the kitchen. A heat lamp will be hanging from the ceiling to keep them warm. Most of my seeds have germinated under the […]

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Great Pyrenees Puppy Update

Mocca and Boaz had their puppies on February 28. There are three males and four females. One of the females is all white, all the rest have beautiful badger markings.  There are photos of the parents on the web sight. Check Milk and Honey for information or call me for details.  Mocca and the […]

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Cherry Tomatoes

I planted Brandy wine, Amish Paste, Delicious, Italian Paste, and more heirloom tomato seeds under grow lights. The first to germinate are the Cherry tomatoes. They are sticking up about 1/2 an inch. This makes me Happy! Happy! Happy! It is hard to wait for Spring in Minnesota. I plant seeds under the grow lights […]

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New Arrivals from Milk and Milk and Honey Farm

FYI –arriving January/February Great Pyrenees puppies (available to go to their new homes in April/May) Polypay lambs arriving in April (available to go to their new homes in June) and New Zealand baby bunnies arriving  and ready to go to their new homes in April.  For information check our web site www.milkandhoneyfarm and email or […]

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Kitchen conversion

My kitchen is being converted into a growing center. Bob is hanging up  grow lights and I am planting herbs. Culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, herbs, herbs, and more herbs. Packets of organic, non GMO,  herb seeds are spread out on the kitchen table.  Pilgrim, the poodle, is underfoot. Jesse, the Great Pyrenees, is watching with […]

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Great Pyrenees Puppies

Our male Pyr pup went home today. He will have a great future but it can be hard for me to say “Good-by”. Sigh!  The happy side  is that we  are looking for two female Great Pyrenees puppies to add to our pack. They will live here at our farm and I will not have […]

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Pyr Puppy

Our Great Pyrenees pup is five weeks old. He will be moving to his new home with Dr. Bradford on December 13th.  This pup has a big future, including visits to the Lake Place in Northern Minnesota.

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