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Lock and Load

My two black kittens now have names. “LOCK” and” LOAD.”  They are going to be part of the cat gang that works at controlling the rodent population in the barn.

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Gone Home

All our April puppies have gone to their new homes. It is quiet around here and sort of empty. We are planning another litter this fall. Until then, I will miss holding gentle puppies on my lap. The kittens will have to do.

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Feeling Good About It

The main garden is looking good! Over half it’s weeds are GONE!! The rest will go this week end–at least that is the plan. This is a “feel good” thing.

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Front yard hollyhocks

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Walking Early

I am walking early today. It is going to be hot. Really hot!  I will pray for the folks in the flooded areas of Florida. I will pray for those affected by fire in the western states. Today, I will walk and pray.

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Sheep Wrangling

Today, we get to move our Ram lambs to their summer pasture. It sounds easy, but it is not. It involves loading five, frisky, ram lambs   into the back of our Van, driving them down the road for ten miles, and depositing them at our friends place. When we get there, he will want to […]

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Second Planting

I’ve been doing my second planting of Garden Kale and assorted Lettuce this morning. The Kale will last until after our first frost and beyond.  The lettuce is planted in the shade to keep it from bolting. We are enjoying all the fresh salads and  stir fried green things. It won’t be long before we […]

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Grinding Herbs

Yesterday, I picked and dehydrated Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Today, they are being ground up and placed in jars . My kitchen smells delicious. Clouds of powdered herbs are floating around. It makes me want to cook something.

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Multi Tasking Green house

The little green house is now the “drying station” for my herbs. There are two American Harvester Dehydrators running full steam. They are filled up with fresh cut herbs. Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Garlic chives, Italian Parsley, and Lovage  are being dried as I type.  They will fill up quart jars and add marvelous flavors to […]

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Love That Texas Attitude!

These pups are going to the “mother-land”, Texas.  They will live on a ranch outside of Dallas, guarding goats, horses, and a lot of cattle. I really enjoyed talking with their new owners. The puppies names are “Smith and Wesson”. It fits.

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