Sheep Wrangling

Today, we get to move our Ram lambs to their summer pasture. It sounds easy, but it is not. It involves loading five, frisky, ram lambs   into the back of our Van, driving them down the road for ten miles, and depositing them at our friends place. When we get there, he will want to put them in his sheep shed for the night. They will not want to go in. They will jump out of the back of our Van and run like crazy. Bob and our friend will chase them. Eventually, the lambs will be captured and wrestled into the sheep shed.  The men will congratulate themselves and we will drive home. The back of the Van will be cleaned out and Bob will relax in his favorite chair.

It happens this way every year, and is exceptionally entertaining to watch. I could probably sell tickets!!!

June 26, 2012 · Sarah · No Comments
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