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The news is devastating on the damage that “Sandy” has inflected. Some folks have lost everything except their lives. Others will take years to recover, if recovery is possible. Many of us, unaffected by Sandy, are wondering what we can do to help. It occurred to me that a lot of us, all over the […]

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Waiting and Watching

The whole country is focused on the East Coast.  Folks are loading up on water, food, and gas to get ready for what could be “the big one”. I am wondering what the effect of “Sandy” will be on the election and the economy. It is a  good time to Pray.

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New Ram Arriving

  Bob is fixing up the pen for our new Ram.  Our new Polypay ram arrives this afternoon. It will be an event! The hard part is to get the Ram from the back of the Van into his pen on the side of the barn.  He probably won’t want to go into the pen. […]

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The  commercials on T.V for the upcoming election are an insult to the American people. Do they really think we are that stupid?  

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The Mouse in The House

Last evening, I was cooking black bean soup and getting ready to bake the Jalapeno corn bread.  Suddenly, from under the refrigerator, a huge mouse streaked across the kitchen floor. It scared me.  Bad mouse! Bad mouse! Bad mouse! Today, the mouse is history. I am  grateful for a heroic husband who deals with invaders. […]

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Think About It

It matters a whole lot who is elected President. It is huge! I will pray and I will vote. But the bottom line in the upcoming election is that Jesus  is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He rules and reigns. By focusing on that fact, it puts things in right prospective. No worries!

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Damp and foggy outside is the day that I really will get around to doing something about the pantry. It is amazing the interesting items that I find in there.  My pantry is suppose to hold food, more food and only food. However, so far I have unearthed a wire dog brush,  an old […]

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Worth It

We drove a long way (10 hours) to do a Compassion International presentation at a Baptist church.  It was worth the time and trouble. Four children will now have HOPE of a better life due to caring Christians. One of those kids could be the next Billy Graham or Mother Teresa.  You think?

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My company has all gone home. I am resting!

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Company Coming In

I am cooking up a ton of food. We have company coming in this week end and I want to be prepared. We are expecting a Brother from Texas, a Brother from Kenya,  a whole gang of  spirit filled Lutherans and one Baptist!  The old house will be full with fun and  fellowship.  The Lord […]

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