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Seed Catalogs

The seed catalogs have begun to arrive in the mail.  This is a good thing, as so much of the mail this time of year is junk. I will not pour over the seed catalogs yet.  That treat will be saved and savored when it is twenty below zero and more snow is in the […]

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The sun is shinning and it is bright out there.  I am contemplating climbing into  my long johns, leashing up a couple of  the big dogs and going for a long walk.  The air is crisp and clean. It smells like winter. The poodle will have to stay home. He went to the groomer last […]

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The Old Song

There is a chorus from an old song that I am singing today.  I have to sing, or I will cry.  Josie (the Mother of the new puppies) sat on one of the pups and it smothered to death.  The words to the song help me right now. “Blessed be the Name of the Lord, […]

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Spaghetti Sauce from the Land of Milk and Honey Farm

On the back burner of the stove  sits my biggest pot.  Inside, simmers a wonderful blend of meat, vegetables, herbs, and spices.  The tomatoes, onions, garlic,  and peppers were grown in the main garden last summer.  The basil  and oregano are from my herb garden next to the green house.  The meat is Venison that […]

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Spot On

The great Pyrenees puppies are almost a week old. Right now, they are snuggled up against their Mom on a warm blanket in the basement whelping box.  I can almost see them growing. They are round and fat and happy! My favorite pup  has distinct Badger markings and more spots on her back and rump […]

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Hooray! Puppies have arrived.

They are here!! Josie (the Mom) and Boaz (the Dad) had eight beautiful Great Pyrenees puppies .  For pictures and information, visit our web site  Happiness is a new puppy!

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My concern for Israel is rising by the hour. I have been praying. It is good to remember that God is in control.  He will protect Israel.  Amen and Amen.

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Milk and Honey Farm Update

We named our new ram “Jolly”. Being in a separate pen from the girls, he has not lived up to the name. This morning, Bob put him out in the pasture with our ewes.  Now he is “Jolly,” very “Jolly”. Josie, our gentle Great Pyrenees, is due to have her pups this week.  She is […]

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God answers prayer in three ways. He can say “Yes”. He can say “No”. He can say,” Not Yet”. Well then???

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The Way It Is

If people were looking to an election to make things better, they were looking in the wrong place. Only God can fix what is broken in this country. If there was prayer before the election, now is the time for more prayer. The Lord has not forsaken the United States. He is permitting us to […]

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