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Cheese #1

I made my first batch of mozzarella cheese today. It will take practice, but is not bad for a beginner.

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I Like Herbs

The process has begun to sort the saved annual and perennial herb seeds for next season.  The new project is to grow medicinal and culinary herbs in square foot garden boxes. The plan is to learn how to plant, prepare, and process new varieties of herbs. When facing a Minnesota winter, it is good to […]

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A pie in the oven, Bob hammering shingles on the roof of an old dog house, my neighbor plowing his corn field,  big dogs guarding sheep in the front yard, and friends coming over for dinner –it is Saturday on the farm.

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A Mouse in the House – every Autumn

Every autumn, my farmer neighbors bale their hay, cut the corn and bring in the soy beans. Every autumn,  the little field mice become homeless. Every autumn, they invade the borders of my basement looking for a warm place to spend the winter.  Every autumn, Bob dispatches  mice. He has help from the poodle who […]

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The reality of another frozen winter in Minnesota is setting in. I went shopping for the first time in months and returned home with two pairs of insulated gloves, one head band with ear flaps, and one quilted vest with lining. I’m not in Texas any more, you think?

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A Good Thing

It is a very good thing when my Grandson, Mark, can spend his 21st birthday hiking in the woods with his Dad.  And the beat goes on–

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Garter Snake

My big surprise was a garter snake , alive and well, in the basement. He or she was in a basket full of things I had moved down there several weeks ago.  I did manage to move the basket and the snake up the basement steps, out on the porch and into the back yard.  […]

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“Date Night”

Observation–You know you live in the country when “Date Night” is a trip to a farm supply store to buy salt blocks for the sheep and electric water buckets for the big dogs.

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Baking Squash,Shelling Beans, and Drying Herbs

It is a good thing that I like this stuff. It I didn’t, it would be a ton of work!  The harvest of Butternut squash was huge. This results in hours of baking and freezing. The Pole beans are picked and dried. This results in watching old videos and shelling beans. The new Herb project […]

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Learning About Herbs

I have been growing and cooking with Herbs for years. But now, my latest project is to learn how to make tinctures, oils, and salves out of the Herbs that grow here.  My kitchen looks and smells like am apothecary.   Also on the “to do ” list are herbal vinegars.  The table beside my favorite […]

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