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Bad Robins

The BAD ROBINS are after my strawberries. They lurk over the strawberry patch waiting for a strawberry to ripen. Then,they pounce.  We rigged up a wire that goes across the entire strawberry area. I hung aluminum pie pans from the wire. The sun reflects on the pie pans. The wind blows them around. They scare […]

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I am enjoying my new issue of” Heirloom Gardener” magazine. It is an excellent source of information and “how to” info. The more I learn about Heirloom seeds, the better equipped I become to fight the GMO battle, and WIN!

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They Are Here!

The scourge of Minnesota is here in full force. They are big, hairy, beasts, with fangs. I don’t like mosquitoes. I don’t like mosquito bites. I don’t like being chased around my garden by the blood sucking vermin. I don’t like spraying my skin with poison  to ward them off. I don’t like being kept […]

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Winning The War

If you are waging war against the “bad bugs” and don’t want to poison your garden, check out “Gardens Alive.”  We have used their products for years and find them totally reliable. The catalog is excellent and informative.   (www.Gardens  

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The Church

The church is not my world. The world is my church.

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Cokato’s Memorial Day Observance

My Husband spoke for God and country at the Cokato  Memorial Day Service. Bob is a Viet Nam veteran and had a twenty year career in the US. Air Force.   His speech had a lot to say to everybody. He did good, real good! Here is a copy of his speech.   Thank you Commander […]

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The American Flag flies over my Father’s grave in Milan, Ohio this week end. He never came back from World War II.  Captain William Henry Newton U.S. Force. You will always be my hero. I remember you with Honor.

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Now This

The sheep have delivered all their lambs, two litters of puppies have arrived, and I am finished planting “Garden 2012”.  Now this! Isa.40:31  Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

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Today is my last day of planting “Garden 2012”. Everything is is the ground, the place is cleaned up, and my fingernails are a wreck. The only way to get them clean is to dip my fingers into Clorox and use a nail brush. I am thinking tonight will be “Spa night”. It is time […]

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Tiny Tomato

On garden patrol, after the big rain, I discovered the first tiny tomato. The leaves of the plant were beat up. The wind and rain had been fierce. However, that tiny tomato had hung on. If a tiny tomato can hang on during a storm, so can I.  It is amazing the life lessons that […]

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