They Are Here!

The scourge of Minnesota is here in full force. They are big, hairy, beasts, with fangs. I don’t like mosquitoes. I don’t like mosquito bites. I don’t like being chased around my garden by the blood sucking vermin. I don’t like spraying my skin with poison  to ward them off. I don’t like being kept awake at night by a whining female mosquito circling my head.

Bats are welcome here. They eat mosquitoes. Barn Swallows can live in our barn and in our garage. They eat mosquitoes.  I have a net suit that I wear in self defense. It has a hat with a net veil that covers my neck. It has a  long sleeve net shirt and net pants. I also have net gloves. If my boys were still at home, I would offer a bounty in hard cash for dead mosquitoes.

Why two of them made it aboard the Ark, I will never understand. In Texas, all we had were Fire ants.  Minnesota mosquitoes are worse.


May 30, 2012 · Sarah · One Comment
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  1. Jeani - May 31, 2012

    Hi Sarah!
    Have you ever heard of Listerine repelling mosquitoes? We recently heard that if you spray your skin with Listerine, the mosquitoes won’t bite. Haven’t tried it yet but we are going to. Perhaps you’d like to give it the ultimate test this on MN Mosquitoes!
    Loved Bob’s speach… thanks for sharing!

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