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Sheep Races

It happens every fall. Our sheep are racing in circles around the barn pasture. When the weather turns cooler, they get crazy.  All summer, they have parked under the trees and rested. They never move faster than a slow walk. Now they are running, full speed.  Maybe it is about time for our Ram to […]

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Celebrate the Season

I grow pumpkins–lot and lots of pumpkins. They become pies.  But–they are also fun to decorate the porch and the living room. Besides the big pumpkins, I planted a whole bunch of the tiny little orange pumpkins. I also planted the tiny all white ones.  Different color gourds were planted too. Decorating has begun and […]

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I made the phone call and set up the appointment for the recycling of my three year old hens.  They will become  stewing hens and be  much appreciated over hot biscuits. I have a new batch of pullet hens. They are ready to move into the main hen house. There are 12 hens and I […]

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Everything is sticky. The refrig, the pantry, the kitchen cupboards, the stove, the counters, and the floor.  It is obvious that I have been picking and processing and NOT cleaning. Now that the garden is picked and most of the processing completed, it is time to attack the “Sticky”!! I will get to it—soon. Right […]

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The last potato has been dug, the last tomato picked. The grape vines are empty. All the pumpkins and the squash are stacked in huge piles by the back porch. The hay is in the loft for the sheep. Firewood  has been cut. The harvest is complete.  It feels good.

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with us

“The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.”  Psalm  46:11

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It Is A Hard Thing

It is a happy day when the puppies are born.  When they die, it is a hard thing.  Several of Jessie’s puppies  died today. It is hard. “Blessed be the Name of the Lord. He gives and takes away, He gives and take away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”

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Butternut Squash

I am baking the first butternut squash for the season.  It is stuffed with chopped apple, raisins, pecans, Cinnamon and a little brown sugar. It sure smells good in here.

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Grapes and Apples

Phase # 1 is complete this morning.  The last batch of grape juice is bubbling away on the stove. My hands are purple. My fingernails are purple. The spots on my kitchen floor are purple. Phase # 2 is grape jelly. I have helpers coming to pick grapes this afternoon. My deal with them is […]

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Pyr Puppy Update – Sept. 20, 2011

Our Great Pyrenees puppies (all 18 of them) are keeping me busy. Josie and her nine pups are in the barn kennel. These puppies are almost four weeks old. They are running around, climbing on their Mom and attack my shoe strings when I go out to feed them.  They have begun to eat out […]

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