Pyr Puppy Update – Sept. 20, 2011

Our Great Pyrenees puppies (all 18 of them) are keeping me busy. Josie and her nine pups are in the barn kennel. These puppies are almost four weeks old. They are running around, climbing on their Mom and attack my shoe strings when I go out to feed them.  They have begun to eat out of a large flat pan, a mixture of canned food, raw eggs, cod liver oil, and Purina puppy chow. They are “wearing” some of the sticky mess, but a lot of it does get in them. Josie is feeding them too, and they are growing. They will be ready to go to their new homes  four weeks from today. They have met the barn cats and love to play with them.

Jessie’s puppies are two weeks old.  They have their eyes open and are beginning to focus on the world around them. These babies are still in the basement in the whelping box. Jessie is a good Mom and stays with them. We will be taking pictures in several weeks. It will be interesting trying to line everybody up for the photo shoot.  I hope that my friends from Minneapolis will  help me bathe and groom them for the pictures. It will be wild, but a ton of fun!

For information on reserving a puppy, call or e mail. Check out our web site for puppy information and updates. Look at our training page for suggestions on training your Pyr puppy.

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  1. Darlene and Tom - September 21, 2011

    Count us in…we’d love to come and it’ll be a blast! dj

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