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God is not politically correct.

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Christmas company

My Christmas company, sons, daughters in law, Grandsons, and Granddaughters, have left the house. They are driving home today. The house is a wreck, the refrig is full of leftovers. Bob is asleep in his chair. I am tired,very,very tired.  There is laundry  to do and the floors need to be scrubbed. I could clean, […]

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Garden 2014

On my Facebook, today, is a list of 100 seed companies that grow Heirloom, non GMO, and organic seeds.  It is worth checking into and a great resource of information.  I plant heirloom, non GMO, and organic seeds in my garden. It is important for my heath and the health of my family, and for […]

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Minus Twenty

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Happy! Happy! Happy!

My family is driving in tomorrow from Indiana and Texas!  Welcome to winter in Minnesota. Smiling now!

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It is good to stand up for what you believe in. Good for you, Phil Robinson! I am with you.

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It is fun to give Christmas gifts to people who are not expecting them.

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Bread Bake

There is a massive “Bread Bake” going on in my kitchen.  With all  my family coming for Christmas, there will be a lot of sandwiches for “hurry up” lunches. It is good to be prepared. ( Their favorites is  turkey and cheese with Bob’s secret sauce on the Panini grill)

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John’s Mincemeat Pie

I baked a Mincemeat pie for my son, John. He is the only one who really likes mincemeat. The pie will live in the freezer until John and his family arrive for Christmas. When I see the whites of his eyes, the pie will come out of the freezer and be put by his place […]

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“Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait I say, on the Lord.”  Psalm 27:14

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