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Bottles and Hay

Bob is bottle feeding several of the new lambs, our neighbor is coming over with another wagon load of hay, and it is not raining. I am thinking about baking bread. This is going to be a good day!

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Chicken Soup

I want to be in the garden but I am not. Rain rules this week. The solution is to make a big pot of chicken soup and invite a few friends for lunch.

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Twin Lambs — again

One more set of Polypay twins lambs was born this morning. (One ram and one ewe) That makes a total of 16 lambs so far.  Lambs can be picked up at Milk and Honey farm on or after June 15th. Both ewes and rams are available.  In addition, we have two yearling ewes for sale.  […]

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Egg Salad

I had forgotten how good an old fashioned Egg Salad sandwich can be.  Hard boil a dozen eggs, add a can of tuna and chopped up dill pickles, celery, and onions. Season with mayonnaise, honey, vinegar, salt and black pepper.  My chickens are over achievers and the eggs are super abundant. This is one solution […]

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Date Night

Last night was a “Date night” at Milk and Honey Farm. We went out to the barn and played with the lambs. We docked their tails, gave shots, and put in ear tags.  It was less than romantic! Sometimes our date night is a trip to Fleet Farm for supplies for the sheep, ie salt […]

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After over twenty years on the farm, it finally happened.  Our oldest and most experienced Great Pyrenees, Gracie, got skunked! It happened last night.  All the dogs were going crazy. Gracie was the only one to go through the electric fence after the skunk.  The rest of the pack stayed put. Of course Gracie won […]

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Moving Plants

Today, I will  move more plants from under the grow lights out to the Hoop House green house. I will visit the barn to check on the lambs and see if any more have arrived. I will walk one of the Great Pyrenees and the Poodle. I will gather the eggs from my over achieving […]

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Miracle of birth

Easter Sunday welcomed another  set of twin lambs. That makes 14 new born lambs in the barn.  Our visiting friends got to take pictures and record the event. I got to help the Mother sheep deliver the second lamb. Mom and both twins doing good this morning. The miracle of birth is a beautiful thing.

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Guardians On Watch

They watch carefully, very carefully.

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Team Lambs

Our “Lamb Team” did good! Really, really, good!

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