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Skin cancer

When I was a little girl, I use to get sunburned–a lot! The results of that burning have shown up seventy three years later. I was diagnosed with two types of skin cancer on my face. After months of prayer, gallons of organic vegetable juice, one surgery, and three boxes of band-aids  to cover my […]

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Because the of the high price of feeding our animals on the farm, we are making some changes. Most of these “adjustments” will be recycled into a different form. The animals involved are one very old sheep, two old turkeys, and five white rabbits.  They are nice animals and we have enjoyed their company. However, […]

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The Old Well is Dead

We lost our old well this morning. It is gone, finished, and over. The” Well people” are putting in a new one right now. The good thing about this is that it happened before winter. Some things can be put off, Other things are a luxury. Water is not either of these. We need a […]

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In My Kitchen

Jalapenos peppers, several red peppers, and a huge green pepper have now become “Hot Pepper Relish”. This is the first time I have made this. It is beyond YUMMY!  Can’t wait to see how my son, who likes hot stuff, will react to this one. It is one more item for his Christmas box of […]

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There are baskets and buckets full of fresh produce stacked all over my kitchen. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes,  eggplants, broccoli, and cabbage to name a few. There are cantaloupes and pumpkins too. My creative cooking juices are flowing. Today, I made a kettle of vegetable soup. We will have it for supper and I will put […]

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The tomatoes are wonderful this year. Bob just brought in three, five gallon buckets, of ripe tomatoes. My observation, after years and years of experimenting with heirloom tomato seed is that the Brandy wine is my favorite all purpose tomato. However, my ultimate best tomato for making sauce is the Amish paste. The Amish paste […]

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The rain is a blessing. I am grateful to the “rainmaker”.  His blessings are not taken for granted. Thank you, Lord.

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Working Chickens

This is the first summer we have let our chickens run loose.  They go in the chicken house each evening  and come out as soon as it get light in the morning. The result of this experiment is all good. 1.We buy a lot less chicken feed. (saves money) 2. The eggs are healthier. 3 […]

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I overheard a Mother telling her 16 year old daughter to “just call in sick and you won’t have to go to work”.  What kind of message is she sending that child? Someone ought to teach that Mom about honesty and integrity.  I am feeling sorry for the child and disgusted  with the Mother.

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“Also I say to you, whoever confesses Me before men, him the Son of Man also will confess before the angels of God.” Luke 12:8

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