Working Chickens

This is the first summer we have let our chickens run loose.  They go in the chicken house each evening  and come out as soon as it get light in the morning. The result of this experiment is all good.

1.We buy a lot less chicken feed. (saves money)

2. The eggs are healthier.

3 . We do not have ticks, fleas, or many flies. They also take out grubs.  Our chickens are mighty hunters.

The plan is to let them roam and forage until the weather gets bad.  They will spend the winter in the nice warm chicken house and come out again next spring.

Our Great Pyrenees dogs guard the chickens. We have not lost any of them to predators . (coyotes)

The chickens furnish us with  meat, eggs, and insect control. They work for us! It is all good.

August 24, 2012 · Sarah · No Comments
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