Spring Things at Milk and Honey Farm

March is in full spring, with over 1000 plants growing under lights in the basement. They will be moved to the Hoop House green house by the end of the month. ( involves lifting and toting)  The baby chicks and ducklings will arrive in mid March which means the brooder will need cleaning out and the heat lamps set up.  Bob will pick up the Nucs for the bee hives the first week of April. They will need to be moved into their forever homes and the hives arranged close to the garden. In mid April, our lambing season begins. I have always been the main mid wife in the birthing activities. My concern is that due to the recovery going on in my back, I may be limited in what I can do.  In May, the planting begins. (involves digging, stooping, and bending)We have a 10,000 square foot main garden, and eight Pedestal gardens. This year, we plan on experimenting with some straw bale gardening too.  In addition, the Spring cleaning ritual is necessary , actually more than necessary. It will take a while  just to get organized. ( more physical activity)

I love my life on the farm. Every year, there are new wonders to discover and enjoy. It will all be good.  Help always seems to show up when I need it most. Learning how to Pray and Rest is perhaps the most valuable thing I have learned living this lifestyle. It is my Happy Place!

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