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Lamb #10 born this morning. Looking good!

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I have to go shopping for a dress and high heels. We are officiating at a wedding in June. Since my life is spent in jeans, boots, and tennis shoes, none of which will work for the Pastor Lady, it is time to shop.  I need a dress or skirt and jacket that can be […]

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Animal Updates

Number 8 and Number 9 Polypay lambs were born last night. We had plans to go to a concert. That changed big time! The only concert we heard was the musical sound of sheep making the “baaaa” sound out in the barn. Mom and babies are doing good ! The update on the smallest lamb […]

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Planting Green Things

I am planting “Green things” in my square foot gardens. The plants look good and have healthy root systems.  I started the plants from seed in March. Swiss Chard, Red Kale, and Collard greens went in today. Five varieties of lettuce were planted yesterday.  All this green stuff makes for wonderful salads. The steamed greens […]

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Tiny Twin Lamb

She knows me! When I go out to the barn, she comes charging out to meet me.  She makes “baaaa” noises until I sit in the old lawn chair and make room for her on my lap.  Tiny Twin is up to one half a bottle of lamb milk replacer four times a day.  We […]

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Babies Everywhere

Great Pyrenees puppies were born to Tess and Boaz on April 19th. Tess and the pups are in the whelping box in the basement. They will be moved out to one of the barn kennels this week.  Mocca and her pups(born on April 14th) are in the barn. Their kennel is right next door to  […]

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Tiny Twin

“Tiny Twin” lamb is a week old. She still is too small to reach her Mother’s spouts.  We have been using a stomach tube four times a day and feeding her with Lamb Milk Replacer solution.  Today, I introduced her to a baby bottle. She did great! I now have an “official” bottle lamb. She […]

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Sometime today, I will do the first cutting on my rhubarb plants.  This will  translate into Rhubarb pie, Rhubarb crisp, Rhubarb sauce, or Rhubarb jam.  Bob would vote for the Rhubarb crisp.  Yum!

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Lone Duck

The last duck is out in the pen pretending he is a goose.  His long time mate died a few weeks ago. They both arrived as eggs years ago.  There were 13 eggs and their Mom hatched all of them during a huge thunder storm..  I remember her well, as she paraded into the pasture […]

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Psalm 85:12 Yes, the Lord will give what is GOOD; and our land will yield its increase.

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