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Seeds in the Soil

I am planting cabbage seeds to be grown up under gro lights in the basement. They don”t look like much, rather like a tray full of potting soil and a marker that says “cabbage”.  Eventually, they will be transferred to the main garden and grow until harvest. They  will fulfill their destiny and become sauerkraut. […]

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Kitchen Project

I want to learn to cook with Teff. Bob is bringing home some Teff flour tonight.  Our favorite place to eat when we visit Indiana is an Ethiopian restaurant in Fort Wayne. They serve wonderful veggies and meat dishes on top of a huge Teff pancake thing. We eat with our hands, breaking off a […]

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Slow and Steady

Before I fell, my usual walking time was a mile in 15 minutes..and I went two to three miles. After the fall ( seven weeks after to be exact) I am walking at a mile in 30 minutes and walking one mile.   My goal is to not be concerned at the distance or the pace. […]

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Good News and Bad News

So there is Good News and Bad news today. Last night, we took Bob’s old Van to the shop to have a noise in the engine checked out. His van had to stay overnight. As a result, this morning, he was driving my Van.  The bad news is that he had a confrontation with four […]

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Spring Lambs 2017

Our Polypay lambs will be born in April and ready to go to their new homes in June.  We will have Ram lambs and Ewe lambs for sale. Bottle lambs may also be available. All lambs must be picked up at Milk and Honey Farm in Minnesota. Check out photos and info at  We […]

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Yesterday, I took Bentley on his lead, and we walked a mile. We walked slowly and carefully. This would normally be no big deal. But to me now,  it was a very big deal. Six weeks ago, I fell and fractured a vertebra in my back.  I am so grateful for the prayers and to […]

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Bob likes to buy me books. He understands that I love to read.  He just gave me a book called “You Carried Me” by Melissa Ohden.  Melissa is the survivor of a botched abortion. She details her search for her biological parents and her journey from anger and shame to faith and forgiveness. This is […]

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Bees and Butterflies

Bees and butterflies are two of my favorite things. I have learned over the years of bee keeping and butterfly watching that If I feed them, they will come.  As a result, every year, I plant seeds that will grow into natural food, habitat, and medicine for my winged friends.  Under grow lights in the […]

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February 1st 2017 a very good day

Today is going to be a good one. There are two catalogs on the table next to my favorite chair. One is from Cackle Hatchery, the other from Wood Prairie Family Farm. Soon, I will be ordering my spring chicks and ducks.( Pekin baby Ducks, Barred Rock and Buff Orpington chicks) They will live in […]

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