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Cutting the Christmas Tree

Sometimes ” you need a little help from your friends”. (thank you Pastor Sam, Suganthi, Immanuel and Irene). We had help picking out, cutting down, and carrying our tree to load it on the van. It is big,  bushy and beautiful. Now for the “decking of the halls”.  The whole house will smell like fresh […]

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Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Today, we cut down our Christmas tree. Happy! Happy! Happy!

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sprout garden

The kitchen counter is my “sprout garden”. Today, I had lentil, broccoli, clover, and radish sprouts on my lunch salad. Yesterday, I had alfalfa sprouts on my toasted cheese sandwich.  I will be sprouting all types of seeds during the winter months.  They will bump up the nutrition levels  and taste great! My sprouting seeds […]

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Healthy Holidays

The key to Healthy Holiday dinners is to substitute. Really yummy Cinnamon rolls can be make with organic whole wheat flour ( no white flour), maple syrup, (no sugar), cinnamon and chopped walnuts. Today,  I am baking several batches of these to have over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I store them in the freezer.  More healthy […]

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I will use anything I have as a platform to talk about Jesus. This includes my Blog and my Facebook.

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Dark days

Dark days are NOT my favorite. When it is raining and gray and dreary, I wonder why I ever left Texas. However, THERE ARE COMPENSATIONS to winter in Minnesota. Shopping!  I bought some awesome  boots. They are guaranteed  to keep my feet warm at minus 32 degrees. They are black, quilted,  light weight, come to […]

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thankful for

I was thinking about all the things that I am thankful for this year. High on the list are the people that I can call any minute of the day or night and ask them to pray for me. They really will!

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Good Tidings and Great Joy

I am practicing singing Christmas songs. Loud! I especially like the verse about “good tidings and great joy”. My whole family, children and grandchildren, are coming for Christmas. We will all sing LOUD!

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Veterans Day

“Thank you” to my husband, my father, my Grandfather, my Great grandfather, and my Great, Great , Grandfather who fought for freedom. You are my heroes.  God bless America and all who serve.

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Aim High

Therefore we make it our aim…to be well pleasing to Him. (2 Cor. 5:9)

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