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Baron died this morning. He was the only Pyr that ever pulled me in the cart. Baron has faithfully watched over and protected the front yard. He was gentle, kind, and alert, always there when I needed him. I believe he is off running around with Molly, his best Pyr girl friend. She was his […]

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Happiness is

Happiness is a big bunch of straw flowers. Happiness is  bunches of basil, oregano, and dill. Happiness is red yarn to tie them together. Happiness is kitchen pegs to hang them on. Happiness is the time to do this. (smile)

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I found a great recipe for cucumber soup on line. It comes from “Eating Well” web site. It has some of my favorite things like chicken broth, garlic, onions, tomatoes and lots of cucumbers. To make it creamy , it calls for an avocado and yogurt. This soup can be served hot or cold.  The […]

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Rain! You gotta love it!

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My fall Speaking Schedule is starting to fill up. Sunday, I will be speaking at Global Harvest Ministries in Minneapolis. In August, there are four local engagements scheduled. In September, we go to Dallas, Texas, for two more. This is fun for me and I am grateful for the opportunities. My Resume is on the […]

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One of the blessings of summer in Minnesota is sweet corn. Soon, the tomatoes will follow.  When I lived in Dallas, I used to buy fresh produce  at  Farmers Market. The thought was always in the back of my mind that “someday I will grow this stuff”. Well, someday is here!  

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We garden for the heath benefits of eating  fresh organic foods.  Food prices keep going up and are likely to increase in the near future. A great reason for “growing your own” is the money saved. We are having company for dinner tonight. Everything we serve will be grown on the place. (except the ice […]

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Sometimes you just have to use it. Clorox is not my normal mode of cleaning up. However, this morning was the exception. One of the bog dogs made a big, gooey, mess in the basement—- wall to wall.  This is not the best way to start off a Monday.  The first step was the pooper […]

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I have an old lawn chair beside my garden. It is shaded by huge  pine trees.  I like to sit there and observe all the growing things. Yesterday, I watched a Monarch butterfly for a long time. It was lovely. Peace come in various forms.

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FYI — Did you know that by spraying undiluted white vinegar around door ways and window sills that ants will not come into your house?  Sure beats the expensive ant traps at the grocery. Just thought you ought to know.

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