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“Education, without God, only creates intellectual barbarians”. So true is this quote from Dennis Lindsay, President of Christ for the Nations.

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Pray Until Something Happens.

Pray until something happens! Psalm 103:2,3 “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all  His benefits; Who forgive all thine iniquities; Who heals all thy diseases”.

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My son came all the way from Hawaii  to visit and I put him to work planting garlic! He does remember how to use a shovel.  We should have over 1000 cloves in the ground this year.  He remembers how to hug his Mom too.  This is all good!

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Just Plain Nuts.

I heard on Fox news that the U. S. sends aid to China.  This is just plain nuts!  A toad jumped out of my dish washer this morning.   This is also just plain nuts. However, I think the toad in the dishwasher makes more sense than the U. S. sending  aid to china!

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Bad chickens

Our new flock of Buff Orpington chickens can fly. They hop from their chicken run onto the top of the bunny hutch. From there, it is an easy trip to the top of the garage.  The big rooster has been up there all afternoon doing a lot of crowing. He seems mighty  proud of himself.  […]

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Pray Until

Pray until something happens!

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Smiling Puppy

Yes, puppies smile. One of the all white, Great Pyrenees, pups, will go to his new home today. This little guy has a great smile. He makes me feel good just to look at him.  His picture  and a couple other smilers are on the web site on Josie’s Puppy page.

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Bob is tilling the main garden. Our tiller (Troy Built Pony) weighs  around 350 pounds.  Bob just came in with a need for a break. It seems that running the tiller is like wrestling a gorilla. If the weather holds, we will have the tilling finished, the garlic planted, and new plastic up on the […]

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I know better than to become attached to my puppies. They will all be sold and go to their new homes in the next few weeks. This is the reality of raising Great Pyrenees puppies. I try very hard NOT to have a favorite puppy. That can be a challenge. There is nothing cuter that […]

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New Improved

I have been making Apple Crisp for years. This year it is” new and improved”. I added Golden Flax seeds and Walnuts to the topping mixture, about 1/2 cup of each.  The “crunch” really adds. Bob  likes Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream on top.  

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