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Slow and Steady

Before I fell, my usual walking time was a mile in 15 minutes..and I went two to three miles. After the fall ( seven weeks after to be exact) I am walking at a mile in 30 minutes and walking one mile.   My goal is to not be concerned at the distance or the pace. […]

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Full Circle

Many, many, years ago, a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy was born to Josie and Asher. She loved to play in the fresh straw with her brothers and sisters. They would “woof” and “wag” and roll around. She liked the barn cats and the old rooster. Life was good. This morning, Bob found her laying in […]

December 14, 2016 · Sarah · One Comment
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Foot Prints on the Floor

Huge muddy footprints are covering my living room floor. They are marching around the kitchen table. They are climbing the back stair way and draping themselves all over the hall way. Little clumps of dried mud are scattered from the back door to the far end of the living room. Long white hair is free […]

December 6, 2016 · Sarah · One Comment
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Guard Dogs at Work in Alaska

 Guard dogs at work in Alaska Here’s a video of two  pups working in Alaska driving off a bear.  Notice that’s its all about intimidation – making too much trouble for the bear to continue on its path. We always recommend two dogs for dealing with bears, cougars, and wolf packs. This is why we […]

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Boaz – Sire of Puppies

This is Boaz, the sire of our Great Pyrenees pups.  He is a full time guardian of our sheep and chickens at Milk and honey farm. We have no problem with predictors. He takes care of business!  The pups will be ready to go to their new homes the first week in September. Call me […]

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Tessie – Mom of Puppies

We have Great Pyrenees puppies for sale and available the first week in September. Boaz is the sire of these pups.  This is Tessie, their Mom. Call me for info. The pups are AKC registered.

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Goodby to Asher

My big, beautiful Asher is gone. He spent more than ten years on Milk and Honey Farm fathering wonderful puppies. Asher was featured on the cover of “Living the Country Life” magazine  in February 2009,  with a four page write up and photos of his pups. He faithfully defended the farm against all sorts of […]

July 20, 2015 · Sarah · 5 Comments
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Asher died

I am overwhelmed. Yesterday, Josie died in the morning from a freak accident in the barn. Asher died in the evening from a fast acting illness. He died peacefully in his sleep. It is hard to lose my faithful friends, even harder in one day. Please pray for me.  The Lord gives and the Lord […]

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Our sweet Josie is gone. She passed away last night. Of all our Great Pyrenees, she was the sweetest and most gentle. When my grandson, Michael, who has Downs Syndrome, was afraid of dogs, it was Josie who taught him to trust. I will always remember walking with Michael and with Josie on the lead […]

July 19, 2015 · Sarah · 6 Comments
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Gone to Her Forever Home

The female Pyr pup has gone to her forever home. Some folks called right after I posted her picture and just picked her up.  We will have another litter of puppies in June. For information on how to get on our waiting list, please call or email.

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