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We will be harvesting garlic, broccoli, and cabbage this week. The garlic will be hung up to dry. The broccoli will become broccoli/cheese soup and frozen, and the cabbage will become Sauerkraut! Bob will be running the tiller to clean up the garden area where the garlic, broccoli, and cabbage grew. The Herb harvest has […]

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Saturday Breakfast

Our Farm traditions run deep! For example, every Saturday morning we have pancakes. Today’s pancakes consisted of whole wheat flour, Flax seed and Cinnamon.  They were mixed up with a little milk and farm fresh eggs. The tops of the pancakes were draped with  a mound of Bing cherries and Blueberries. On top of that […]

July 27, 2013 · Sarah · One Comment
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Purple, Red, and Green

The serious processing of harvest has begun. Today, I worked at three “stations’ in my kitchen. The Red area had  crates of  Bing Cherry’s. They were pitted and placed into quart bags for freezing. The Purple area had crates of Blueberries.  They were put into quart bags for freezing. The Green station consisted  of a […]

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Huge Privilage

Last night, it was a HUGE PRIVILEGE is to be asked and  trusted to pray with a friend who is very sick.  Today, I will wait and see what the Lord will do. He is the healer. His name is Jesus.

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Broccoli Cheese Soup

The question of what to do with a bumper crop of broccoli has been answered.  We have had broccoli, raw, steamed, in stir fry, and baked. I have decided to  turn the majority of the rest of it into a wonderful broccoli and cheese soup and freeze it.  This will be so warm and comforting […]

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In The basket

Wax beans, one cucumber, one zucchini squash, and a bunch of straw flowers are in the basket,  and I am back inside.    Water for the sheep and big dogs, water for the flower cart, and water for the hanging baskets, and I am back inside. Walk for the poodle and  one Pyrenees on the road […]

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Our strawberry crop is amazing, the best we have ever had. The last picking was turned into Strawberry Jam. It will be soooo good served up on a hot biscuit in the middle of a Minnesota winter.  Life is good.

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The Friendly Toad

This is “Fred”. He is one of Bob’s garden buddies. I like furry, friendly, soft, and cuddly animals. Bob like reptiles. Go figure!

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