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Thank You, Jesus!

Thank You, Jesus!

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On Sunday, I will celebrate Jesus–not the Easter bunny, not colored eggs, or jelly beans.  Only Jesus! I will go to our new church with other folks who will celebrate Jesus. I will talk to my family about Jesus.  It is going to be a good day.

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Puppies are Out

All the Great Pyrenees puppies and their Moms have been moved out of the basement and into the kennel in the barn. It will take a while, but the basement will be cleaned up.  I have my broom, bucket, mop, and Clorox. Let the games begin!

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” Plan A”

“Plan A” was to take all the puppies out to the barn kennel last Saturday. It did not work. Spring in Minnesota complicates everything.  The wind raged, the snow came down, the temperature  dropped and the puppies stayed in the basement. Today, it is Tuesday. The puppies are still in the basement. They are fuzzy, […]

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Happy Sunday

“Commit your way to the Lord. Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.”  Psalm 37:5

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A Good Day

This is going to be a GOOD Day!  The sun is shinning, there is peace in the house, and the first batch of puppies is being moved out to the barn kennel.  The second bunch goes out on Monday. Hooray!  The next step is for some serious scrubbing, some very serious scrubbing!!!

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Great Pyrenees Puppy Tally

The Spring puppy tally is as follows. Mocca, Mom #1, has six male puppies and four female puppies. Tesse, Mom #2 has three male pups and four female puppies. The markings range from all white to  distinctive badger markings.  For the next eight weeks, I get to boss around 17 beautiful great Pyrenees puppies. Is […]

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Seventeen Puppies

Mocca had ten puppies on Sunday, Tesse had seven puppies on Tuesday. Both Moms are doing well. All the “kids” are warm and fuzzy. I am tired! For info on our Great Pyrenees, check out the web site —

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Mocca and Tessie are officially moved into the house to await the birth of their puppies.  It will be an adjustment. They are big, very BIG. They like to drape themselves in the back hall way in front of the back door.  I have to walk over them on the way to the basement to […]

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