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Books and Movies

Just finished reading “The Ultimate Treasure” by Kevin Dedmon. Went to a movie on Friday night –”The Help”. I enjoyed both the book and the movie and would recommend them. The book and the movie are not related in any way. However they are thought provoking in every way. Sometimes I need to think about […]

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Pyr Puppy News

The puppies have been moved out of the whelping box in the basement to the barn kennel. These babies were born on August 23rd. There are three all white males, three Badger marked males, and three badger marked females. They are registered with the American Kennel Club. Josie is the Mom and Boaz sired these […]

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The Calico barn cat has had her kittens. I have no cure where she put them this time. Her tummy was flat and she was purring. She follows me around when I gather the eggs. There are hummingbirds on my flower baskets. They seem to be in a hurry. Summer is fading.

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Psalm 90:17 And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.

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What To Do With Weeds

Bob has been weeding all day. Bless him! Our weeds are recycled into the compost pile, into the sheep, into the chickens and even into the rabbits. No use letting all that “food” go to waste. The garden is looking good again. Thanks Bob, you are the MAN!

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Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, elderberries, and PEACH COBBLER

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Puppies and Garden Rule

For the next few weeks, the puppies and garden will rule. I will feed the Mama Pyr every two hours, let her out side to get empty, change the puppy blanket, and make sure the pups are all eating. The phone calls have started concerning the sale of the pups, so have the e mails. […]

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Oh Happy Day! The Pyr Pups Have Arrived!

Hooray and Goodie! Josie had her pups last night. There are eight gorgeous Great Pyrenees puppies resting next to their Mom in the whelping box in the basement. They are looking good. These puppies will go to their new homes in eight weeks. We have a waiting list to hold a puppy. Boaz is the […]

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Big Mama

Josie is now”Big Mama” to her new puppies. She alternates between feeding and washing them. I have changed their blanket twice, fed Josie three times, and taken her outside once. She is a great Mom. There are puppies available from this litter. We have a waiting list to reserve a puppy. The puppies are placed […]

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Great Pyreenes Puppies

Pilgrim ( poodle) and Jesse (Great Pyrenees female) walked with me today. Josie stayed home, resting under a tree. Her puppies are due this week. She is moving slowly and carefully and I have stopped taking her on our hikes. Boaz and Sunday were “flirting” this morning. If they get serious and make puppies, that […]

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