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“Seeds In the Dirt”

There was a song a few years ago called “Pants On The Ground”.  I am writing a better  song called “Seeds In the Dirt”.  Today, I plant cabbage seed under the grow lights and sing.  I am considering calling my musically talented Grandson to compose the music to my song. Bet we would go viral […]

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Country Wisdom For Everyday Living

“You can’t live in yesterday and find tomorrow. “

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FYI — My Best Homemade Bread

By adding Chia seed, Hemp seed, Sunflower seed, and organic oatmeal to my basic whole wheat bread recipe, I have  bumped up the nutritional value big time. It is truly amazing, a soft texture with a wholesome crunch. Yum!

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Blizzard and Bread

The weather guy predicts 50mph winds today.  He said that 100 million people would be effected by this blizzard. If winter thinks it can win at my house, it is mistaken.  The wind can blow its brains out around the old farm house. It can whistle through the cracks in the brick walls. The furnace […]

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Transplants–plants and people

My Heirloom tomatoes (Brandywine and Italian Paste) will be transplanted into bigger pots today. I start the seeds in 6 packs and when the tomatoes have four leaves, they are transplanted into 4’x4″ pots. This makes for plenty of room for the roots to grow. This works the same way for people. Sometimes, they are […]

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Thyme, Sage, and Parsley

For no special reason, I am celebrating Monday by roasting a turkey.  What makes this fun is that the herbs growing under grow lights in the basement are tall enough to snip. The point being that Thyme, Sage, and Parsley, sprinkled over the top of my turkey are a beautiful thing. Celebrating Monday with fresh […]

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More about Heirloom Seeds

Today, I planted Broccoli Romanesque Italia under my grow lights. This is a super flavored Italian heirloom broccoli with spiraling Applegreen heads.  It is grown in northern Italy and favored with fine chefs everywhere. I bought my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. You can request their 124 page seed book if over 1200 […]

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Heirloom Tomatoes

In 2008, I saved seeds from my best Italian Paste tomatoes.  These tomatoes were grown from Heirloom seed in organic soil. This year, I planted a handful of these seeds under grow lights. There is almost 100% germination. There is no reason to buy seed when I can save my own. There will be plenty […]

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I just ate my first salad grown under grow lights in the basement. The green things were planted on January 29. 2014.  The  plants were grown from heirloom seeds. Fresh herbs, also grown under grow lights, include oregano, thyme, Italian parsley, and garlic chives. They are wonderful gently snipped and sprinkled over the salad. I […]

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“What this country needs is cleaner minds and dirtier fingernails.”-  Mark Twain

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