Blizzard and Bread

The weather guy predicts 50mph winds today.  He said that 100 million people would be effected by this blizzard. If winter thinks it can win at my house, it is mistaken.  The wind can blow its brains out around the old farm house. It can whistle through the cracks in the brick walls. The furnace is chugging away and the wood stove is a back-up if needed.The sheep have bales of hay and are safe and sheltered in the old red barn. Their Pyrenees  guards snooze in the piles of straw next to them. The chicken house is insulated  and egg production has been good, in spite of the weather. The rabbit hutch is nestled between the chicken house and the garage. The winds do not bother my bunnies. I cancelled my hair cut appointment today. It is not my “thing” to drive into a Blizzard for a hair cut.  Instead, the kitchen will be turned into a bakery. Today, will be a bread baking marathon.  The sack of wheat is on the table next to the mill. Other ingredients are laid out on the counter. Nothing smells better than homemade bread baking in the oven.  There is a sign over my kitchen door. It says “Stress Less and Pray More”. I will be doing a lot of that today. It works for me.


February 26, 2014 · Sarah · No Comments
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