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The Beat Goes On–and On–and On

I am in my favorite chair–checking out all the new seed catalogs.  The inventory of my saved seeds is the next step–and then the new orders go in. The beat goes on and I love it!

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It is quiet.

The old farm is quiet tonight. Snow blankets the garden and the big dogs are curled up in barn next to the sheep. It is cold, even for them.  My dishes are done and the kitchen is clean. The leftovers have been put away.  Bob is wearing his new moccasins and his feet are  warm. […]

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Yesterday is past. Tomorrow is not here yet. The only thing that is certain is NOW. Do not waste it. (Pause and consider that )

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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, with tiny marshmallows floating on top, is a beautiful thing.

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Impossible? Not!

Andrew Murray was right when he said, ” We have a God who delights in impossibilities.” The Lord has done more “impossible” things in my life than I can count. Someday, I may write a book!

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My Big Dogs

Our Great Pyrenees puppies are almost one month old.  They have their eyes open, and are becoming proficient at running after their Mom.  The pups will be ready to go to their new homes in mid January. I wonder what their future holds. Some will become livestock guardians. They will faithfully protect family flocks and […]

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Several years ago, I heard a teaching about the word, nevertheless. It spoke so profoundly into my heart that I made little nevertheless signs and taped them up all over the house. There were signs in the kitchen, by the phones, in the entry hall, and even on the bathroom mirror. Our visitors would ask […]

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Christmas begins with Christ. That is all I have to say about that!

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Fiscal Cliff

There is hassling going on in Washington about something mysterious called the  “Fiscal Cliff”.  Wondering today, if anyone really understands what the consequences are for America. To me it seems just another political mess to bring fear, worry and general panic. I will do none of the above.  It is written in Proverbs 19:21, “There […]

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Snow, snow, beautiful snow, date nut bars in the oven,  presents to wrap, and Christmas music on the radio–does it get any better than that???

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