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Bad Moth!

Several years ago, at a wonderful after Christmas sale, I bought myself a beautiful red plaid scarf. It was Cashmere!  I searched out my winter mittens and scarf today and found them. The moths had found my scarf before I did. There are holes all over my beautiful red plaid scarf. Bad moth! Bad moth! […]

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Our chickens are free ranging, roaming around eating bugs and things. One of those rascals has been laying eggs in the herb garden.  I did not  find them until this morning. There are 16 eggs that will now make the big dogs happy.  Happy! happy! happy!

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Vegetable Soup

The day that I make a big pot of vegetable soup is the same day that I clean out my refrigerator. Any coincidence in these two activities is purely intentional.

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” Nostalgia tears”

Our church is having a free garage sale. I have been searching for stuff to donate. When I came across some old board games that my Sons and Grandchildren played with as children, there were a few ” nostalgia tears.” Time does tend to hurry by. Smile!

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A Work of Art

My Chili is a Work of Art. It begins with dried heirloom beans grown in my garden, soaked since yesterday. Good beans are the basis for a great Chili. Fresh garlic and onions are chopped and browned in olive oil. Hot red peppers go in with the garlic and onions, to simmer in the hot […]

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FYI Bread Bakers

Adding Hemp, Chia, and Flax seeds to my whole wheat bread is a big success! The seeds add nutrition and a great nutty flavor.

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“It is time for the Church to get out of the playground and into the BATTLEGROUND!”

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All Good!

A chicken baking in the oven, a poodle asleep at my feet, rain pounding on the window, it is good, all good.

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This morning, very early, I spotted two lambs, our big orange cat, and several geese all drinking out of the stock tank at the same time.    It was beautiful and special. It is one of the reasons that I get up early and enjoy living in the country.  There was peace, and quietness all around […]

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Free Garage Sale

Our church is having a FREE Garage Sale.  I think this is a great idea. For information on date and times check out (Living Waters Christian Fellowship in Waverly Minnesota). All items will be given away. We hope the sale will be a BLESSING. You’ll come!

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