A Work of Art

My Chili is a Work of Art.

It begins with dried heirloom beans grown in my garden, soaked since yesterday. Good beans are the basis for a great Chili.

Fresh garlic and onions are chopped and browned in olive oil. Hot red peppers go in with the garlic and onions, to simmer in the hot oil. The meat in my Chili is ground up venison, a gift from the land. Quarts of homemade tomato sauce are added.В  Maple syrup is stirred into the mix, to mellow out the heat of the peppers. Dried oregano from the herb garden, salt and pepper go in for flavor.

My Chili will simmer all day and into the evening.В  There are gallons of it, filling up big pots. Dinner tonight will be hot Chile with shredded cheddar cheese melted on top. The rest of the Chili will be placed in quart size bags and go into one of the freezers. When winter comes to Minnesota, my Chile will add it’s own special kind of warmth.

This kind ofВ  provision is a gift from the Lord, and I know it!

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