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Homemade Soup

One of my favorite things to do is to make a “savory” soup. Today, I began with  left over of lamb roast in an eight quart kettle. Next, I added the veggies — (from last summers garden )– tomatoes, squash, corn, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. The final step are the dried herbs (from last summers […]

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Cat spray ??

My Tom cat has been banished to the barn. He disgraced himself by spraying in the root cellar and the basement . My question is “How do I get rid of the smell”? It is gross. Please help if you know the answer.

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I saw three Robins this morning – a good sign that there is an end to another Minnesota winter and I lived!

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Update from Milk and Honey Farm

The Pyr pups doing good in Bob’s office. Mocca is a great Mom.  I can almost see the puppies grow. Baby chicks arrive nest week. They will be in a box in the kitchen. A heat lamp will be hanging from the ceiling to keep them warm. Most of my seeds have germinated under the […]

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Great Pyrenees Puppy Update

Mocca and Boaz had their puppies on February 28. There are three males and four females. One of the females is all white, all the rest have beautiful badger markings.  There are photos of the parents on the web sight. Check Milk and Honey for information or call me for details.  Mocca and the […]

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