Babies Everywhere

Great Pyrenees puppies were born to Tess and Boaz on April 19th. Tess and the pups are in the whelping box in the basement. They will be moved out to one of the barn kennels this week.В  Mocca and her pups(born on April 14th) are in the barn. Their kennel is right next door toВ  the Mama sheep and baby lambs. The barn has been turned into a nursery.

The rest of the news—-Mother goose is still sitting on her eggs. One baby chick was hatched this morning. The pregnant cat is fat. Tomorrow, I take the first load of heirloom vegetable and herb baby plants to the local health food store. They are going to sell them for me. В  (Dan and Becky’s Market in Cokato, MN.)

Right now, I am considering a very serious nap. All these babies are a LOT of work!!!

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