Animal Updates

Number 8 and Number 9 Polypay lambs were born last night. We had plans to go to a concert. That changed big time! The only concert we heard was the musical sound of sheep making the “baaaa” sound out in the barn. Mom and babies are doing good !

The update on the smallest lamb ever born on our farm (Tiny Twin) is that she is thriving. She has a fat tunny and thinks I am her Mom. This morning, I gave her a real name. She will be called “Daisy”.  (“Daisy Tiny Twin” of Milk and Honey Farm)

I also discovered another pregnant barn kitty. That makes two. Kittens will be fun. The Mother cats are  serious “working cats”. They will teach their babies to hunt mice. This is excellent rodent control.

The nine great Pyrenees puppies, born to Mocca and Boaz on April 14th,  have  their eyes open. They have begun to scoot around on their tummies.  The four pups born to Tesse and Boaz on April 20th, are all Badger marked females. They are still in the whelping box in the basement. Next week, they will graduate to the barn kennel.

I have to paint a “Rabbit For Sale” sign today. We have five New Zealand bunnies for sale. They will make great 4H projects.

All this baby animal stuff will be over by mid May. Right now, I am enjoying it.

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  1. Jodi - April 30, 2012

    We city folks would love to see pictures of little Daisy.

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