There are baskets and buckets full of fresh produce stacked all over my kitchen. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes,В  eggplants, broccoli, and cabbage to name a few. There are cantaloupes and pumpkins too. My creative cooking juices are flowing. Today, I made a kettle of vegetable soup. We will have it for supper and I will put some in the freezer.

There is pumpkin custard for dessert.В  It is sweetened with a little maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with walnuts. Bob will be happy about that!

Tomorrow, I will make hot pepper jam. The old blue bucket is full of Jalapeno peppers just for that project. We like the jam mixed up with cream cheese and spread on a cracker. Yum!

There is another month of harvesting the garden and then it is over until next year. The first heavy freeze will end it. Meanwhile, I am having fun and realizing what a blessing this is. PTL

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