The tomatoes are wonderful this year. Bob just brought in three, five gallon buckets, of ripe tomatoes. My observation, after years and years of experimenting with heirloom tomato seed is that the Brandy wine is my favorite all purpose tomato. However, my ultimate best tomato for making sauce is the Amish paste.

The Amish paste tomato is meaty with few seeds, and is full of flavor. It cooks down rapidly into a thick sauce.В  As I type, every burner on my stove has a kettle of sauce bubbling away. It will simmer all afternoon and then be frozen in quart containers.

Soon, I will begin to save tomato seeds to plant next year. Only the seeds from the best tomatoes will be saved. Next February, when it is twenty below zero in Minnesota, those tiny seeds will be planted under grow lights in my basement.В  I am loving the “seed time to harvest” plan of things.В  It is a blessing to be part of it.

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