Skin cancer

When I was a little girl, I use to get sunburned–a lot! The results of that burning have shown up seventy three years later. I was diagnosed with two types of skin cancer on my face. After months of prayer, gallons of organic vegetable juice, one surgery, and three boxes of band-aids  to cover my “spots”, I am doing good–real good.

“Spot” #1 and #2 are gone and nice skin is growing. “Spot” #3 had surgery eight weeks ago. It was not pleasant. The Pathology report came back saying that they did not get all of it and another surgery was required.  I was NOT happy!

The morning I was scheduled for surgery, I went for a walk with my big dogs and the poodle, praying all the way. I told the Lord that I would go as scheduled for surgery, but I did not think it was necessary.  I ask the Lord to have the surgeon send me home  with no surgery. That was a highly unlikely request, but I asked anyway.

Picture this. I am on the operating table and the surgeon enters in his costume–gown, gloves, mask. His nurse follows. The pointed instruments are laid out on the tray. The needles are ready. The bright lights are in my eyes.

We talked for a few minutes and the surgeon SENT ME HOME WITH NO SURGERY. God is so faithful to answer prayer, even at the last minute. He can turn the heart of kings and surgeons. God can cancel surgery! My surgeon decided to keep an eye on it rather than operate. I got off the table and came home, smiling all the way.

The three inch scar and 20 stitches on the side of my face are almost non existent. The doctor was amazed at how fast I was growing new skin. With a little help from Revlon, you can hardly see the scar.

From now on,  I will use sun block and wear a big floppy hat in the garden. The organic juicing and healthy diet will continue.  I will talk about what the Lord has done for me. I will tell this story. Somebody needs to hear it.


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