Grapes and Apples

Phase # 1 is complete this morning.В  The last batch of grape juice is bubbling away on the stove. My hands are purple. My fingernails are purple. The spots on my kitchen floor are purple.

Phase # 2 is grape jelly. I have helpers coming to pick grapes this afternoon. My deal with them is to give them half of what they pick and I keep the other half. This is a win win situation. They get loads of beautiful, organic grapes for free, and I get free labor.В  Jelly day will happen on Saturday.

The big boxes of apples are still sitting in the corner of the kitchen. I started on the applesauce, but did not even make a dent in the amount of apples. Apples keep longer than the grapes, so that project may happen next week.

I had a wild and crazy thought about making some old fashioned caramel apples.В  Since my practical and sensible side will probably prevail, the caramel apples may just beВ  a passing thought. (on the other hand?????)

September 22, 2011 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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