Milk and Honey Farm Update

We named our new ram “Jolly”. Being in a separate pen from the girls, he has not lived up to the name. This morning, Bob put him out in the pasture with our ewes.  Now he is “Jolly,” very “Jolly”.

Josie, our gentle Great Pyrenees, is due to have her pups this week.  She is very big and her “spouts” are filling up. I sure hope she delivers soon. We are having company from the cities over for dinner on Friday. More company is arriving for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  It would be difficult to supervise the puppy delivery  in either event.

It would be good if Josie had those puppies today. Fifty years ago today, My eldest son was born.  We could name a puppy after him.

Happy birthday, John!


November 14, 2012 · Sarah · No Comments
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