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“Blessed are the Peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.” Matt.5:9

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Garden Geek

There is a quote from the Houston Chronicle that states “…the seed catalog is an encyclopedic romp through enough plant history to keep a Garden Geek awake at night well into planting season”. Guess that means  I am a Garden Geek.

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Chinese Health TIp

Did you know that 3,000 year old Chinese scrolls mention using white cabbage as a cure for baldness in men?  I will be planting Copenhagen cabbage this spring. Wondering if I should market it as a cure for baldness? Just a thought!

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I have a lot of respect for the Mennonite community. Their work effect, simple lifestyle, and family values are to be admired.  While reading in one of my Farming catalogs this morning, I found the following quote from a Mennonite Proverb. ” I will charge thee nothing but the promise that thee will help the […]

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I know it is winter when the eggs from the chicken house are frozen. It is winter when there is ice on top of the rabbits water container. Winter is here when it starts getting dark at 4:30 p.m. What is the clincher for the arrival of winter is when I wear Long Johns  in […]

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I have promised myself that I will wait until after Christmas to read my new seed catalogs. It is hard. My favorite seed company is Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed. Their new catalog arrived yesterday.  It always has glossy photos, and lots of practical information. Every year, they have new varieties of heirloom seeds. There is […]

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Milk and Honey Farm Kitchen – Leftovers

My best Solution for lots of left overs is to do a STIR FRY.   Chopped up chicken, onions, garlic will start it off.  Added next, will be celery, carrots and raw potatoes.  Several handfuls of cabbage will be added too.  Now for the fun part. I love to play with different herbs and spices. They […]

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Packers Rule

Packers RULE!     AGAIN!!!

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Good Morning

I am in my favorite chair. There is a warm poodle sleeping on my lap. The Christmas tree lights are on. Christmas music is playing. The house smells like cookies.  It has been a good morning.  Smile.

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