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Pussy Willows

Years ago, I planted two tiny Pussy Willow bushes. They couldn’t have been over 12 inches tall. This morning, I filled two vases with beautiful, fuzzy Pussy Willows. The small bushes have grown and grown, some more. They have to be at least 15 feet tall. There is a scripture that says” despise not small […]

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Relax and Enjoy

The laundry is done, the plants are watered, and dinner is cooking on the stove. My E mails are answered and phone calls have been made. Now, it is my time. I am going for a long walk with one of the Great Pyrenees, listen to the birds sing, and watch the Canadian geese fly […]

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The table beside my favorite chair is piled high with books. It always seems that I am reading several at a time, depending on the mood of the moment.  Bob got me two new books last week. I am half way into “Strengthen Yourself In The Lord” by Bill Johnson.  In the times we live […]

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Food Shelf and Green House

Today is a good day. This morning, I volunteered at the local Food Shelf.  I got to give a Bible to a little boy who did not have one. This afternoon, I will work in my green house. I will mist all the baby plants.   Does it get any better than that?  

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The plants from under the the  grow lights in the basement are moving out to the little green house.  It is a process that will take several weeks to complete. The first wave went out yesterday. Perennial herbs were the first to go.  The Garlic Chives, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Lemon Balm, and St. John’s Wort […]

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Respect is earned by accepting personal responsibility.  No responsibility, no respect. I think that our elected officials in Washington should get this!

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Baby Bunnies

The Giant New Zealand baby bunnies have their eyes open and are “scooting” around in their nest. I like their little pink ears the best.  This is just one of the reasons that Spring is so delightful.  By next month, we will have our very own ” Farm Petting Zoo” with baby lambs and puppies.

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First Harvest

My  kitchen smells sooooo good. I am cooking spaghetti sauce for dinner. It will be draped over Amish noodles and served with Pesto. The idea came from the herbs growing in the basement under grow lights. There are tiny leaves on my basil and oregano plants. I will pinch off the tops and mix then […]

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Just Because

The fog is thick this morning. I can hardly make out the shape of the big red barn. Sometimes, the Lord is like that. Just because you can not see Him clearly, doesn’t mean He isn’t there.

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More Seeds

I am planting more seeds.  Butternut squash, Sugar Dumpling squash, and Zucchini squash will go into the potting soil and placed under the grow lights. By planting set outs, I harvest early and skip the bugs.  Usually, we have harvested our squash by the time the bad squash bugs arrive.  The same principle works for […]

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