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Apple Crisp

Soon my kitchen will smell like cinnamon and apples. Bob picked apples this morning. Apple crisp is a very good thing, especially when draped with vanilla ice cream!

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Home school kids can do

My conclusion, based on hiring helpers for the farm, is that home schooled kids can do anything.  They show up on time, follow directions, are flexible and put their tools away. They work hard and get the job done! They are polite and respectful. My summer helper with the garden and the animals is finishing […]

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Company coming

We have company coming in next week end from Texas.  We will have a good old time. Bob is looking forward to having some help planting garlic and digging potatoes. Our company always volunteers to help out on the farm. Our meals will be homegrown and homemade.  Pumpkin pie will be a featured dessert.  Planning […]

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Two Guys From Italy

Me and my son at our favorite Dallas restaurant. (Two guys From Italy) They serve great Italian food.  The Eggplant Parmesan is amazing. Wishing John could have been there with us. Next time, for sure!!!

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On the way home to Minnesota, we stopped at IHOP.(International House of Prayer)in Kansas city, Kansas.   The 24 hour a day prayer and praise room was wonderful. I got to catch up with a friend who works there. Hope she and her sister will visit the farm. Now that would be FUN!!

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Texas Border Sign

A week ago, we were on our way to Christ for the Nations for a Healing Conference in Dallas.  It was so good to return to the “Mother ship”.  Texas makes me SMILE!

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Stuff that squash

If you stuff a butternut squash with chopped apples, walnuts, cinnamon, butter,  honey, and bake it in the oven,  it becomes amazingly YUMMY!

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Reading is best wrapped up in a big quilt, with a poodle at your feet, and sipping a cup of green tea!  SMILE.

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New Books

Wonderful! I brought home from the conference in Dallas two new books. (“Hosting The Presence” by Bill Johnson and “Unveiled” by Alan Smith.)  This week I will be unpacking, doing laundry, and reading, although not necessarily in that order!

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We Are Home!

Amazing trip to Dallas–got home at 1:ooA.M. last night. Home is GOOD! When passing thru Kansas, I saw a tee shirt that read, “Don’t Make Me Get Out My Flying Monkeys”. I am still laughing.

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