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Grape Harvest Complete

All the grapes are picked and have gone to good homes.  We have 50 quarts of juice concentrate in the pantry which should last until the next harvest. (October 2014) My goal has been reached and the rest are “give aways”.  It feels so good to be DONE with yet another fall project.  The only […]

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Jalapeno Corn Bread

Plain Corn bread is boring. My Jalapeno Corn bread with chopped Jalapenos, real corn, chopped onions, and gluten free corn meal is a beautiful thing, especially when served dripping with butter and honey!

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Bad Rooster Dead!

The bad rooster attacked my poodle and pounced on him. I told Bob.  Bob shot the rooster. The rooster is dead. There is a lesson in this. Never, no never, mess with me or my poodle!! Have a nice day.

October 7, 2013 · Sarah · 2 Comments
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Herb Harvest Today

Today I am harvesting the rest of my herbs. They have come full circle. Sage, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme will be cut, tied in big bunches and hung in the kitchen. The herbs will dry nicely, and the kitchen will smell wonderful.  This whole process  just blessed me. It is basic and beautiful.  I am […]

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Blessed Be

Psalm 68:18   Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our Salvation! (Pause and consider)

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Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap is available from Milk and Honey farm as of October 15th. I am usually sold out way before Christmas so I will be giving my face book friends a “heads up” on new varieties. For example, there is my all time favorite soap “Mother Nature”. It has essential oils of Lemongrass, Cinnamon Leaf, […]

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The Robertsons

This is my very favorite photo taken on the trip to Dallas. There is me, my Son, my Grandson and the Robertsons. Does it get any better than that? Smile!!!

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