Goodby to Asher

My big, beautiful Asher is gone. He spent more than ten years on Milk and Honey Farm fathering wonderful puppies. Asher was featured on the cover of “Living the Country Life” magazine  in February 2009,  with a four page write up and photos of his pups. He faithfully defended the farm against all sorts of predators. When I heard his big “woof” at night, I slept well because he would take care of any problem out there.  He would gallop up to me at full speed, and then sit and wait for a hug.   Asher suddenly became very sick on Saturday. He died peacefully in his sleep on  Sunday evening.  He was ten and a half years old. My heart hurts and I can’t seem to cry yet. The tears will come and I will remember the good times. The Lord gives and takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.


July 20, 2015 · Sarah · 5 Comments
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  1. Darlene Lund - July 20, 2015

    we are so sorry …how well we know the pain. We wish we could help you we are praying for you Tom Darlene

  2. Janel - July 20, 2015

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your two dogs. I had always hoped to get an Asher pup when my two older pyrs are gone. Loved his big head! My big girl is 11 so I know her time is limited. God bless you all as you miss these two.

  3. Debbie Lusk - July 21, 2015

    Sarah. Bob still tells the story about when he had asked me what I wanted for valentines and I showed him the cover of Living the Country Life. I told him I wanted a puppy and this beautiful dog was going to be his daddy. Next was sending a deposit then a trip from Texas to Minn. for our Dakota one of Ashhers pup born on my sons birthday who had passed in 2000. We love Dakota he has been such a blessing Thank you for all you and Bob doi on the Milk and Honey Farm. Love Debbie from Dallas

  4. John and Valerie Wookey - August 25, 2015

    Dear Sarah,

    We are so sorry to hear about Asher.

    Peace be with you,


  5. Kristin Kolke - October 31, 2015

    Dear Sarah and Bob,
    You may remember us from Washington state as my husband, Des, had to stay with you a few days back in February 2008 with our new puppy while waiting for the weather to change so he could fly home. Our Amos, born 11/29/07 out of Asher and Josie, has been such a blessing. Your descriptions of Asher and Josie fit Amos perfectly. He has the same characteristics that we admire and treasure. He’ll be 8 years old this November and I’m cherishing each day that I have left with him. I check back on your website every so often and was saddened to read the news of Asher and Josie’s passing. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grace and thanksgiving to the Lord is an example to me. Thank you for the wonderful dog we have and may God continue to comfort and bless you.

    -Des and Kris Kolke from Enumclaw, Washington

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