Full Circle

Many, many, years ago, a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy was born to Josie and Asher.

She loved to play in the fresh straw with her brothers and sisters. They would “woof” and “wag” and roll around. She liked the barn cats and the old rooster. Life was good.

This morning, Bob found her laying in the fresh straw. She was born here and she died here. She had not been sick, just old. Life had come full circle.

Milk and Honey Farm has been home to Great Pyrenees for the past twenty three years. Our puppies have been a blessing to folks from all over the U.S.  Our livestock has been watched over and protected by our “gentle giants.” The Pyrs have been our friends and trusted companions.  I have seen the seasons come and go. I have seen our puppies born and cried when the old dogs died. They are buried  behind our barn. Sometimes, I walk back there and remember each one. I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the full circle.

December 14, 2016 · Sarah · One Comment
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  1. darlene lund - December 14, 2016

    So sorry, praising God for each one of them. Dad would do the same…cry when the old cattle had to be put down, when they could no longer navigate the pastures or cross over the creek…was so sad, each cow had a name and would come to see Dad when he called them…he would walk among them and the would be so gentle…Loving you, Darlene

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