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What to do when

When it is four degrees above zero outside and it is warm in the old farm house, I stay inside.  The war against winter still goes on. Today, I will be placing my order for baby chicks and ducks from Cackle Hatchery.  Next, more herb seeds will be planted under grow lights.  Finally, I will […]

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Kitchen conversion

My kitchen is being converted into a growing center. Bob is hanging up  grow lights and I am planting herbs. Culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, herbs, herbs, and more herbs. Packets of organic, non GMO,  herb seeds are spread out on the kitchen table.  Pilgrim, the poodle, is underfoot. Jesse, the Great Pyrenees, is watching with […]

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Cherry Tomatoes

I planted three cherry tomato seeds under grow lights. This morning, I have three cherry tomato plants. They are about an inch tall. My plan is to grow cherry tomatoes under grow lights in the house this winter.  Organic cherry tomatoes are expensive. (check it out at Whole Foods) That fact convinced me to grow […]

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Tinctures and Oils

My kitchen is full of bottles and jars.  Today, I am working on  tinctures and herbal oils and learning as I go.  All the herbs were gathered six weeks ago and are now ready for the straining and bottling process. So far, I have been able to “test” the Plantain tincture. It worked wonders on […]

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Welcome To My World

A blanket of snow covers my garden. The season of rest has arrived. The land will be still and quiet; the winter will be long and hard. My harvest has been good. I am grateful. The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them. Psalm 111:2

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I Like Herbs

The process has begun to sort the saved annual and perennial herb seeds for next season.  The new project is to grow medicinal and culinary herbs in square foot garden boxes. The plan is to learn how to plant, prepare, and process new varieties of herbs. When facing a Minnesota winter, it is good to […]

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Baking Squash,Shelling Beans, and Drying Herbs

It is a good thing that I like this stuff. It I didn’t, it would be a ton of work!  The harvest of Butternut squash was huge. This results in hours of baking and freezing. The Pole beans are picked and dried. This results in watching old videos and shelling beans. The new Herb project […]

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Learning About Herbs

I have been growing and cooking with Herbs for years. But now, my latest project is to learn how to make tinctures, oils, and salves out of the Herbs that grow here.  My kitchen looks and smells like am apothecary.   Also on the “to do ” list are herbal vinegars.  The table beside my favorite […]

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I have a real sense of urgency to finish my garden harvest.   As a result, the rest of the potatoes were dug up, and the Butternut squash were picked and the vines were fed to the sheep. Big clumps of oregano are hanging up to dry. The dehydrators are running full blast with green peppers […]

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Yesterday, I was a guest speaker on a radio show. It was all about the garden harvest, preparing and storing the produce for the coming winter. The moderators asked questions and all I did was talk. Now that was fun, really fun!!

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