I have a real sense of urgency to finish my garden harvest.   As a result, the rest of the potatoes were dug up, and the Butternut squash were picked and the vines were fed to the sheep. Big clumps of oregano are hanging up to dry. The dehydrators are running full blast with green peppers and sage.  A friend came over to pick the rest of the the ripe tomatoes and pull up the plants. My sheep like tomato vines too.  The rabbits got some old cabbage plants. The chickens are out in the pasture helping the sheep eat vines.  All the onions are dug and in buckets on the back porch. The houseplants have been moved inside and are lined up on the window sills. The weather will change  soon. Snow is predicted for Friday night.  All the outside chores are being done in double time.

I am grateful for the harvest and do not take it for granted. God is good!


October 2, 2014 · Sarah · No Comments
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